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Some points about Simbu1.It is a Snake game.2.Not a classic one DifferenceYou can't bite your tail and many more.Looking like an easy nut to crack .Wait you cant bite your tail but you can be killed for not eating food .Ya a race against time .Thinking of wall collisionswhich can kill you Not always but it can.It behaves as tunnel rubber pad and spike wall .So you have running time, need food to eat going to take tunnel shortcut but what if it just turns into spike .Yes it can.So beware before taking a tunnel or bouncing from a wall.So why not try it yourself .Rate it we love feedback .Please mail us for bug etc ,We at Induction Games hope for your fun.Contacts permission is required by ScoreLoop and only used when you search your friends.
  • Developer Environments Eclipse
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Ads Graphics & Animation
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