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Are you a trivia buff? Do you want to be one? Or do you just want a game that entertains and educates at the same time? Anyone can play our multiple choice trivia quiz game and train the brain to know facts about Geography, Science & Technology, History & Culture, Entertainment and General Knowledge. See your stats rise the more you play and expose yourself to more than a thousand unique multiple choice questions!Project Q is a self motivating statistically aware trivia game. The game records everything you do and presents the data in good old fashioned pie graphs! Show off to friends how much of an expert you are at one of our 5 categories or how much correct answers you've gotten so far. We have some great ideas for the future so download, play, and become part of the community that is Project Q! Project Q can be unlocked within the app itself. Support a developer and unlock the full potential of Project Q! on another another note: We love great feedback, so if you enjoy the game, we would love to hear from you. Project Q and the team behind MELLISdesigns is dedicated to listening to your voice (not the singing one so much). If you have any ideas for the future of Project Q, let us know and give us a five star rating!
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Josh Lilly, 5 stars:

Very nice UI and enjoyable trivia experience. Will you be updating the app with new questions from time to time? [I haven't exhausted the ones here, but I'm sure eventually I will ;-) ] What's the best way to get in touch if we find any errors or want to make suggestions?

Kartik Trivedi, 5 stars:

Nice sleek animations to make trivia interesting

Mitch Ellis, 5 stars:

and im the dev. please enjoy guys and let me know if there is anything you want or need. enjoy!

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