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Take care of your pet in the funniest and the easiest way.Add diary entries, appointments, contacts and multimedia (photos and videos) of your pets. Add reminders for appointments and perform backup and restore data.You can add basic information about your pet and choose or take a photo to your profile. You can add symptoms, allergies, special needs, notes and other data in the diary of your pet.Add appointments that recur periodically. When you have completed the appointment, edit it and select the option completed, BigPet will calculate the new date for the appointment.Add contacts of all types and store basic data of these.Add photos and videos of your pet. Enter the date and time and any note attached.This version has a limit of two pets.Keywords : pet, cat, dog, fish, bird, hamster, fish, mouse, care, reptile, rabbit, animal, friend
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App Store Reviews
Shweta Sareen, 5 stars:

Thanks developer. A lovely app. Best designed to pet care. May GOD bless u for providing such a care managment app for the lovely creters.

Rachel Helmuth, 5 stars:

Has exactly what I wanted! No ads, a gallery, a diary, and the ability to add individual pets. Of all the pet management apps, this one is the best!

Natalie Tsang, 4 stars:

Please add insect as an option of species as I'm having to call my snail a reptile!

A Google User, 5 stars:

I can manage all about my dog!

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