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Word Mole fans will love Mole Word! No more boring word games! Discover words, beat the clock, unlock the vault, free and collect gems, and uncover the top-secret Mole Word!Mole Word is the fun, fast-paced word game for all ages that's easy to pick up, but impossible to put down!

Form words from letters anywhere on the game board to unlock the vault and collect the treasure! But uh-oh, It looks like you've got a mole in your midst! Watch out for Shades the Spy Mole as he tries to put a hole in your plan and steal the treasure for himself!
Earn huge bonuses by using power-ups and making big words! Collect confidential briefcases to uncover the top-secret "Mole Word!"

Mole Word is the ONLY Complete & Professional Quality mole-themed word game on the App Marketplace!


Fun, fast-pace word mole style gameplay
Cool power-ups
Two game modes: Timed and causal play
Uncover the secret "Mole Word" for a huge point bonus!
5 beautifully hand drawn levels (way more attractive than mole word)
Fast app resume - stop playing anytime and pick up right where you left off!
More fun than "Word Mole"!
More features than Word Mole
Perfect for Word Mole game fans!

If your'e a fan of Bookworm, Worm Word, Text Twist, Crossword, WordSearch, Word Mole free, Bejeweled, Hangman, Boggle, Word Drop, Words with Friends, or Scrabble, you'll love Mole Word! So much fun to play in your free time!

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App Store Reviews
A Google User, 4 stars:

I too loved this game from my bb and the gameplay is a definite upgrade. My only issue is it takes forever between levels...almost seems like it's freezing. If they can fix that would up it to a 5.

A Google User, 5 stars:

Best word mole app on the market. Brings back blackberry days!!

A Google User, 4 stars:

Keeps freezing driving me mad! Would be an excellent game if not for this. Only one other problem you cannot save a game

A Google User, 5 stars:

I use to play it on my blackberry all the time. super happy that's its available on my android :-)

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