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- In today’s fast track world we talk to so many people regularly that it’s very hard to remember each and every conversation. At times it gets trickier to recollect all the details, so with the use of one of the biggest technology invention of the decade “Smart Phones” you can eliminate this problem. Try our Android App “Jotcall” to take notes after every call.

- Jotcall is specially developed to help friends, families and professionals to make and better organize their conversation history on your finger tips. With three different versions we have developed personal, web and enterprise versions to suit your needs.

- After every call Jotcall automatically opens a note taking screen.

- You can easily type the details of the call in brief and the next time you talk to the same contact you can view the conversation history.

- Jotcall adds and organizes notes on per contact basis, you can also use colored label categorize to differentiate contacts.

- You can also search, edit and access your notes anywhere, anytime.

- You can also edit/delete the notes or the numbers

- You can set the reminders for the notes.

- Would not work the receiving the call with Flip Covers

Recent Changes:
1. Add Notes from Contact List:
No need to wait to have in your call list anymore: Earlier we use to add notes for contacts from which we receive a call. Now we can even select the contacts from the phone book and add notes to them.

2. Add reminders for the notes:
Under add notes, now you can select a note and add a call back reminder to it.

3. Edit Notes:
You can edit the notes which you have added earlier.

4. Remove Contacts and Notes on swipe out:
You can remove a contact by just a swipe from the right side. This is a cool graphical feature which will make deletion of notes easy and handy for the user.

5. Go to Details on swipe in:
You can review details of the added note just by using your finger. You can swipe the note from the left and review the details like date of addition, text, etc.

6. Search Contact:
You can search for a contact by using the search button on the main screen of the app.

7. Search Note:
Enter the contact and then you can search for notes by entering text in the search bar.

8. Auto Sync (Only for Premium users)
The notes will be auto-synced whenever the internet connection is found.

9. Hide the app while receiving the call to get the native interface

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