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Shotokan kata "Heian Shodan" performed by Frank Paolino. Heian Shodan Shotokan karate kata shows the kata move by move by swiping a finger. It also lets you look at the kata from all four sides to see the moves from different directions.With your Android, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in your hand, you can review the moves of the kata in slow motion, then practice at full speed.There are buttons to repeat a move, go backwards and start over.
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Version: 1  (May, 2011 - May, 2011)   Show More
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basty Quezada, 4 stars:

This is an awesone app. But im only starting karate and i think this is advanced. the guys are wearing black belts. But its still great.

A Google User, 5 stars:

Marc, those are both good suggestions, adding the kiai points and also "full speed". We will work on those items. Thanks for the feedback!

A Google User, 4 stars:

I like the concept, but I feel it should include a mode where you can play the whole kata in real time. Plus where "kai" should be made.

A Google User, 5 stars:

This is fantastic! A great learning tool. I recomend it to any karate ka! Respectfully, Samdan Ross Conklin. Osu!

Official Team Members:

  • Frank Paolino
    Frank Paolino
    Designer , Project Manager