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Tired of searching for gluten-free restaurants that you would like to feel comfortable eating at? How about ones that are soy free, and offer humanely raised meats with organic veggies? Eatfindr is the solution to help you find places to eat in line with your consciousness, health and dietary needs. About time… Features:- See the nearest, latest, and the most popular places around you that match your food preferences. - Filter restaurants based on food preferences and allergens including: Gluten, Nuts, Corn, Soy and more. - View detailed reviews from people that have the same food sensitivities or allergies as you do.- See restaurant menu, meal price range, hours, and other information right within the app. - Get directions and call the restaurant right from the app.- Recommend places with good food allergen practices and warn about places with poorly executed food practices. Thank you for trying out our app. This is the beta release and we really would like to hear your feedback. If you like to see new features or if run into any issues please let us know at or leave a review. If you like to be involved in our efforts to increase the amount of allergen-aware, organic and humanly-raised eating-out options, please contact us at Learn more at Follow @eatfindr on Twitter for updates and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.Keywords: eatfindr, eatfinder, food, restaurants, allergies
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A Google User, 5 stars:

This app is pretty impressive. I think you should all give it a tr,y

A Google User, 5 stars:

I've been looking for a good app to find restaurants where i can safely go to without getting my allergies take the best of my restaurant experience. I definitely recommend this app for people with gluten intolerance! Seems like the app supports other allergens as well. It would be very helpful if the app was also showing what dishes are good at restaurants. I hope this is something that will be added in the future!

A Google User, 5 stars:

this is a godsend for people with food allergies! easy to use, and most importantly, ACCURATE!

A Google User, 5 stars:

Great app! As a person that has food allergies and requires gluten free meals I found this app to be invaluable.

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