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What is this app ?This app is for calculating the change amount,for example your shopping bill is 134 dollars or Rupee and you don't have exact amount , hence you give either 150 , 200, 500 or 1000. Now the return amount is calculated based on denomination given - actual amount. This app forecast the nearest denomination.Why should I use this app, I have in build calculator ?Nice question , but using calculator is a 5 step process but this app has cut down the process to 2 step . Try yourself.--Please provide your suggestion and i/p. Do inform us if you encounter any bugs.--By the way I got to know from our developers that there are some hidden easter eggs. Go ahead and find them.
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Akash Gera, 5 stars:

Very thought full... would love to have a widget for this app...

Avinash Agrawal, 5 stars:

Liked the concept

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