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GAMOOZ brings Best Augmented Reality experience with ZOOP!To checkout some cool demos: Scan pictures on http://zoopAR.comZOOP is an amazingly cool Augmented Reality App which adds life to pictures in Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Comics, Brochures and Posters. Just scan the pictures (in newspapers, magazines, websites, products etc...) with ZOOP logo, and watch the pictures come alive on your iPhone or iPad. ZOOP is a super-combination of utility with Entertainment which delivers useful content to the users and also keeps them entertained and engaged at the same time. Get Ready to ZOOP !ZOOP for Users:- Users can scan pictures to experience magic.- Users can interact with the content and win prizes.ZOOP for Brands:- Engage customers by offering them some really cool content via Augmented Reality.- Analytics: Predictive Analytics to help target customers in a particular Geo-location.ZOOP for developers:- Developers can add their images and content to ZOOP and bring their pictures to life.Do you have a picture that you want to bring to life?Do you want users to have a cool experience when they see the picture?Do you want to add super entertainment to the picture?contact us and go ZOOP!ZOOP... ZOOP... ZOOP...
  • Developer Environments Xcode Android Studio
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Ads Accelerometer Push Notifications Camera Audio & Video Graphics & Animation
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mandeep manocha, 5 stars:

Great interface

naveen kumar, 5 stars:

Bishnu Sharma, 4 stars:

Asuka Yuuki, 5 stars:

I downloaded this because of digit magazine and scanned the images provided in it. Cool app. The idea is really nice. Worked without any problems for now ^^

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