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Hola Soy German fans this is the app for you! It follows all of his channels and will alert when he uploads videos. It lets you also see the last 100 videos on each channel and when you click on them will take you to the YouTube app or the mobile web to watch it.Who is Hola Soy German? His full name is Alejandro Garmendia Aranis German and was born in Santiago, Chile. His favorite color is blue and red. He has a YouTube channel called Holasoygerman , where he uploads videos every Friday. And a second channel called Holasoygerman2 which has most personal things about. Also another called "Play German" where he plays games. In 2011 decided to upload one video to YouTube where he manages to be the most visits Chilean video page.If you want anything changed or added please email me or tweet @jtwebman and I can make any changes you want. This is a fan app and not an official app.
  • Developer Environments Android Studio
  • Frameworks ActionBarSherlock
  • Backend modulus.io
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics AppAnnie
  • Mobile Features Push Notifications Audio & Video Ads Graphics & Animation
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