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What’s New?The new IndiaLends app version includes features like - enhanced Free Credit Report flow, personalised offers as per your profile, an enhanced customer journey experience! Check it out!The IndiaLends App gives the option of choosing from a vast range of financial products and credit management facilities along with a Spend Analysis feature and EMI reminders. The main products which IndiaLends App offers are:1. Personal Loans2. Credit Cards3. Free Credit Report4. Home LoansFeatures of the IndiaLends App:1. Apply for a credit card, personal loan or a home loan directly through the app by filling up an application form2. Keep your creditworthiness in check by getting your free credit report3. Manage and track all your credit accounts i.e. credit cards, home loans, personal loans etc4. Get customised loan and credit card offers5. Set EMI alerts to help you pay your EMIs on time6. Check your personal loan eligibility7. Spend Analysis feature to help you keep track of your monthly spending8. Secured Server to keep your summarized Credit Account Statements safe9. Specialized tools and resources to analyze all credit statements in one place10.Report Error feature to know and report false credit applications or identity theftsImportant FAQsA. What is a credit score?A credit score is an indicator of a borrower’s ability to make credit payments on time. It is calculated after evaluating multiple information patterns such as your past credit report, loan payment history, current income level, etc. A higher credit scores increases your chances of getting a low interest loan from a financial institution.B. Why is it important for me to know my credit score?Knowing your credit score enables you to make better credit decisions. Almost all financial lending institutions evaluate your credit score before approving your credit application. Having a bad credit score increases the chances of your loan application being rejected. Flipside, a good credit score improves your chances of negotiating a lower interest rate. C. How is my credit score calculated?A credit score is a cumulative score which has multiple determinants influencing it. The most important factors that influence a credit score are:The number of times you have applied for credit Your previous track-record of making timely credit paymentsThe number of new credit lines opened recentlyYour professional details such as income level, employment status etc.D. Is this Credit Report and Score a free service?Yes. Your entire credit report is available to you for free without any freemium or hidden costs.E. Will accessing and viewing my credit report affect my current credit score?Absolutely not! Accessing and viewing your credit report repetitively does not influence your credit score.F. How can I apply for a Personal Loan, Home Loan or a Credit Card at IndiaLends?To apply for either of these credit products, you need to download the IndiaLends app and fill a short application form after which you will be required to upload a few documents. Once your application has been completed, you will be contacted by one of our customer representatives with the status of your application.G. How much can I borrow and for how long?While Personal Loans can be borrowed from Rs. 25,000 up to Rs.50 Lacs for 1 to 5 years, the amount of home loan you can avail depends multiple factors such as your salary, education qualifications, employer/business, years of experience, growth prospects. Generally, most banks use 30-40% of your gross monthly income as your loan EMI amount to decide your loan amount.H. How does Indialends assess my credit worthiness and how long does this take?Each consumer will need to go through a rigorous verification and credit assessment process which is based on information collected from various data sources. The above process is automated and happens within seconds. Hence, you can get an approval instantly.
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