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Need to track the life and poison counter totals of yourself and your opponent(s) in a game of Magic: The Gathering? Look no further than this app!MTG Life Tracker supports standard 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player games, as well as Two Headed Giant and Elder Dragon Highlander. Options to keep the screen on while the app is up and to use large labels in standard 2 player games are available.We listen to your input! The option to remove the poison wheels is a direct result of a user's comment! Please keep them coming!Also check out the Pro version, which has zero ads, and looks prettier! The Pro version also receives updates first. All development is done there, and the changes are then ported into this Basic version after the updated Pro version is released.
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Benjamin Ault, 4 stars:

Is pretty good, the wheels need to be bigger, some +/- 5 and 10 buttons would be nice

A Google User, 5 stars:

A Google User, 5 stars:

Easy to use with a nice II

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