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Say goodbye to embarrassing texts with SMS UNDO!
Ever wished you hadn’t pressed send? Has predictive text ever made a fool out of you?  Ever woken up after a night out and cringed about the text you sent your ex? It happens to the best of us…. BUT fear not SMS UNDO can save you the embarrassment.  
SMS UNDO delays the messages you send on your Android mobile/cellular phone, giving you enough time to delete or edit them. You don’t even have to think about it because it runs in the background and works for every message you send. You set up preferred holding time up to 3 minutes in 15 sec intervals. If you want to delete the message, you have to go to app and delete it from there.
You won't be charged anything extra only your standard service rate.
And it's very easy to manage as 1-2-3.

• Undo and correct your mistake SMS sent from Android run phones
• Stop and cancel accident SMS to the wrong person
• No additional charges, only standard services rate.
• Runs in the background
• No ads and very easy to use

  • Developer Environments Android Studio
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