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An unofficial app for P1 WiMAX or 4G subscribers to view your P1 bills and usage from the palm of your hand.Please give your review based on the Application NOT by the Service Quality of P1.This app is developed by a P1 subscriber for P1 subscribers.
  • Developer Environments Android Studio
  • Frameworks ActionBarSherlock Android ViewPagerIndicator
  • Analytics SDK Google Analytics
  • Mobile Features Ads
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App Store Reviews
Tinesh Rao, 5 stars:

Really worth of downloading it.. No need to login to p1 selfcare everytime to check quota/ pay bills... a must download for all P1 users... Great job!!

raimi ikhwan, 5 stars:

Very handy app to know ur quota. If ur lazy to log into the web.

Mok Kai Jie, 5 stars:

Really convenient for subscribers to find out the quota remaining. I'm not gonna complain about the "slowness" for it to load, coz the webpage version isn't anywhere quicker. Thanks for making this app!

Stephen Mdass, 5 stars:

wonder if p1 is paying for your app service.if not they should.

Official Team Members:

  • Mohd Zulfadhli Ab Rashid
    Mohd Zulfadhli Ab Rashid
    Developer , Designer , Icon Designer , Graphics Designer , Project Manager , User Acquisition , PR & Marketing , Other