SleepBot is the ultimate sleep app! Custom alarms, tracking, & auto silent mode

Sleep Suite :: Tracker + Graphs + Stat Analysis + Resources + Notes + Journal + Auto silence or wifi-off modes!

SleepBot is an award winning sleep management application!
Manage your sleep on your phone and share or export online at

SleepBot is recognized by the United States National Institute of Health and the National Academy of Engineering as the First Place Winner of "Go Viral To Improve Health" competition.

*** APP2SD -> can be enabled through Advanced Settings inside the application.

- Widget available for easy tracking! [1x1]

- One button click to punch in/out

- Logs & graphs all sleep records/stats

- Alarm Klock (Personalized Ringtones, Volume Adjustment, Multiple Alarms, etc.)

- Graphs: Trends, Average Length, Patterns, Sleep/Wake Times

- Calculates sleep debt & other sleep data!

- Add/Delete/Edit multiple entries per day (for naps, etc.)

- Add entry notes, export history

- Backup & Restore

- Provides sleep health information, user support

- Punch in time offset, Auto-flight mode, Auto-silence mute, Auto-wifi off modes when punched-in.

- Localization in English, German, French, Italian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan)

- Move to SD Card(switchable version from the app)

- Constant User Support via Email, Formspring,

*** Supported by:
~ Gentle Alarm
~ Relax & Sleep
~ Tasker

**Note: New permissions. Google Account permission allows us to let you sign up and login using your Google Account. Read Phone state allow users to punch in online and deliver the message to the right phone with the right account.

  • Mobile Features Accelerometer Push Notifications Design Location Audio Backend
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App Store Reviews
Jared, 5 stars:

Used this app to start tracking my sleeping habits for fun, but I ended up absolutely loving the app and being able to see my sleep schedule in various graphical forms. I'd like to see a way to omit accidental sleep mode activation in the confirmation window that opens upon wake from the widget as opposed to manually deleting the entry through the app. Overall, great app!

Kimberly, 5 stars:

I love this app, but the new update has affected my alarms. The alarms (set outside of the app) do not go off with the new update. Super glad I set a back up alarm! I'm confident that sleep bot will fix this so I'm not going to downgrade it, but I sure hope its fixed soon (it takes me multiple alarm/snoozings to get up)

Francisca, 5 stars:

This app is a must have!! It showed me that I'm not getting as much sleep as I thought I was so I'm more aware and making a conscious choice is to go to bed earlier to get a full night's rest. I love the alarm feature because it shows in the notification bar how much time I have until it's going to go off so I can plan a much better sleep. It has definitely improved my mood overall since I am more rested.

Sam, 5 stars:

I've always been a backwards sleeper, I sleep during the day and am up at night. Something to do with my inner clock. Well this app is very helpful to track when and how long I sleep. No complaints here!

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