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This is a refined version of my original Vanir-AIO application.

Mentionable changes include:
* An entirely Holo UI
* Permission explanations
* Lag-free
* HALO))), my modified Performance Control, and a Build.prop editor has been included in this application
* Updates will be constant.

This is considerably better than the first iteration of the application, and it will only get better.

Libraries used:
'PagerSlidingTabStrip' by Andreas StĂźtz
'ckChangelog' by cketti

I did not develop the Build.prop editor, the HALO))) application, or the Modified Performance Control application. I have modified them all to work properly in my application, but that is about as far as it goes.

HALO))) was developed by 'ParanoidAndroid'
The original Performance Control application was developed by 'AOKP' .. I simply edited the UI to my liking
The Build.prop updater was developed by 'nathanpc' and is licensed under GPLv3

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