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Original, amusing, funny and family friendly alarm tones optimized to sound great on your Android phone and they will make sure you get alerted as these tones are unique - and there is no advertising.This collection includes:01 - Alarm from the future02 - Alert03 - Apple seed04 - Chiming in05 - Cinematic alert06 - Computerific07 - Digital melody08 - Digital morning09 - Edgy alert10 - Groovy alarm11 - Its time12 - Loud clock alarm13 - Make a move14 - Musical bells15 - New cellphone sound16 - Quietly ringing17 - Rolling piano18 - Soft Ambience19 - Space chords20 - Standard phonering21 - Tick tock22 - Tubular alert23 - Uh oh24 - Wake up or I'll scream25 - Warning robotRingtoneFeeder has been producing original high quality ringtones since 2008. The tones are mainly produced by Geoff Smith.keywords : ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones, notifications, alerts, alarms, mystic tones, traditional tones, instrumental tones, vocal tones, funny tones, special tones
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