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BJJ Blue Belt Requirements

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-Satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a 100% refund policy if unable to install.-The key to effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a solid understanding of the fundamentals. In this application for Android devices, Roy Dean outlines his blue belt requirements for BJJ. Mount escapes, sidemount escapes, armlocks, chokes, leg locks, guard passes and takedowns are all clearly detailed. Also included are perspectives on the journey from white belt to black belt, a look at BJJ combinations, competition footage, and 3 dynamic blue belt demonstrations.Chapters include:WelcomeEscapesSubmissionsGuard PassesUkemiTakedowns BJJ GuidelinesDemonstrations"I’ve personally seen quite a few white to blue belt instructional videos, but this one has set a new standard. The instruction is clear and concise and the production itself is top notch.""I think that any blue belt that became proficient at the techniques shown would have an excellent base from which to pursue further study of BJJ, and he would be able to justify and defend his ranking against all comers." -Stephan Kesting, BJJ Blackbelt"I'm a newbie at ground-fighting but I’ve trained in other fighting styles for a number of years. In that time I’ve bought several apps of variable quality from other suppliers and I'm pleased to report that this is at the very, very good end of the scale. It's professionally packaged and produced, and Roy Dean gives clear and concise instructions on a wide variety of BJJ techniques and principles. I particularly like the fact that his instruction is detailed about the sort of important basics I need as a beginner without getting bogged down in the minutiae that I don't need at this stage of my rolling life. It's well-structured, well-presented and it's something I'll refer back to again and again. A really good app that’s well worth the money."-paulantonybrooks"This app is very simple, very practical, and very useful. I highly recommend it if you want to supplement your bjj classes with more detailed step by step info."-jjbud24"Have not heard of this guy before.....part philosopher,teacher and obviously gifted at the sport. I bought the purple belt app as well. His intros are great, analogies to language and physical expression are spot on,demonstrations are clear both in explanation and visuals.....this dude is the bomb,better than any other beginning instruction I have seen"-fatamorgana6Roy Dean holds black belts in multiple martial arts, including Judo, Aikido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is highly regarded for his precise instruction and smooth technique.
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Ed Appleby, 4 stars:

Wicked app. Probably worth the price, time will tell. Would have had 5 stars if the individual movements were available to watch without having to scroll through the long videos.

Matt Bird, 5 stars:

These videos are well put together and very motivating. Thanks for this awesome app!

A Google User, 5 stars:

Did not work at first. Roy worked with me and got it resolved very quickly. Great customer service! Good app with good instruction. Worth the price. Will buy from him again for sure.

Rod Jones, 5 stars:

I've just started on my jujitsu journey but am unable to go to classes regularly as I work offshore for long periods. This app will be invaluable when I'm away, obviously I'm not going to improve without being taught by an instructor but I think this will just improve my knowledge base and allow me to try new things when I'm home. Money well spent Do you have anything that would help with solo drills? I've looked at ginastica natural which looks like it would be ideal for solo training, thanks

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