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William Westerso, 4 stars:

Hi. I like this clock because it represents time in many different formats. However, for the decimal time, maybe add tenths of a decimal second. Ex: 9:69.13.5 and add an opaque/transparent color for the dial clock... just a suggestion. Not required. Good job, developers!

Kyle Kennedy, 5 stars:

This is the only duodecimal clock I've found for Android. What it be possible to add a true base 12 clock that has 12 divisions of the day, instead of 2*12, each with 12 divisions, etc.?

Van M, 5 stars:

should explain what some clocks are and how they work, looks cool but I don't know how to spot the time on there.

Pierre Savoie, 5 stars:

I will indeed confound my friends with this clock. Oops, I made a remark about a misspelling that wasn't this app, it was about another app.

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