Chicken 3D Shooter puts you at the front of a fight against invading chicken shoot hens, crooked on revenge against the human race for our cruelty of Earth survival chickens. Your task is to save the farm from the 3D Hen Chickens. You will take control of gun, and must protect farm from bunch of invading chickens. To complete this task, you must have the guts and knowledge.In this "Chicken 3D Shooter simulator" shooter 2017 game, you will face an all the time large number of Chicken. As the game progresses, you will face more number of hens and more time to shoot the animals. Press button to move or to jump and kill animals in your adventure!Be bold, take the plan and shoot 3D chicken before the chicken run. The chickens rush to save their existence but be a great huntsman hunt and kill them all with your military sniper. Load your modern sniper 3d shoot with a minimum number of bullets once and then kill all chickens at once. Struggle to kill chicken would be a great enjoyment for you so fight like an elite killer. There are lot of chicken rush in the farm, clear the area immediately from chaotic, smelly hen. The mission is possible to complete if the shooter hunter is like you.If you want to play the best 3D games and chicken shooting games must play Chicken 3D Shooter simulator. Must play our other 3D games that are totally free to download, and must give your feedback.FEATURES: • Amazing Scene and sound Effects• Shoot the Chicks with Multiple guns• Accurate controls• Attractive sound and tune, with HD graphics.• Game Play for all age• No purchase required, free game.• Different weaponsSimple game rule but it's amazingly challenging. If you liked our game visit more games
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