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Get the latest weather in style with the Paper Forest Live Wallpaper. When it rains you will notice the scene change with rain, and so on for every other weather condition. Unlock your device and watch the trees move out of the way. Tap the home screen and you will see the temperature. All weather courtesy of AccuWeather.
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  • Mobile Features Location Graphics & Animation
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App Store Reviews
William Johnson, 4 stars:

This is one of the nicer live wallpaper's I've seen/used. I love the transitions and the weather indication. As others have said a toggle for the weather tap would be nice, but it isn't a large detraction.

Kitty Severin, 4 stars:

Initial install had everything working perfectly, but after a reset and going through the download again, the temp won't show and double tapping gets me nowhere. I have tried three times to uninstall and reinstall, nothing. Boo, I miss this application a lot!

A Google User, 4 stars:

It'd be nice if we could toggle on/off the tap-for-weather-info thing. Other than that, not too bad.

Dave Moyer, 4 stars:

Love it! Could you add day/night to change with the local sunrise & sunset? Also would be nice for some sunshine to show between the trees when it's a beautiful sunny day. Don't want much, do I... 8-)

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