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**I am currently working on a major new release of this app. It will be released under a new name and I will post it here when that is done. No more updates will be made to this app specifically. The new app can be expected at the end of the week.**

LED Caller ID provides you with REAL retro caller ID on your Android device.

The data is obtained from the OpenCNAM database http://opencnam.com which provides the same data your phone company displays on real caller ID boxes.

If you have a verizon or sprint phone with 3G (and not 4G LTE) then you will need to run on WiFi for this to work.

Newer phones with 4G LTE, as well as any GSM phone, such as t-mobile will work without any special attention.

LED Caller ID works in the following places:

American Samoa
Northern Marianas
Puerto Rico
Sint Maarten
US Virgin Islands

This application is developed by Tom Dignan http://tomdignan.com

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App Store Reviews
Sarah, 5 stars:

So far i like it

Richard, 5 stars:

Works rather well after extensive testing and been installed for over a month. Seems to acquire ID best over network data rather than Wi-Fi. Using AT&T and ATRIX 2

J, 4 stars:

Works fine on MotoDefy JellyBeen 4.1.1. Minus one star because it's only in green. Wish it would have option to change text color to ICS/JellyBean blue.

Donald, 4 stars:

Good app..

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