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Kim Dresdner's Blog - Healthy Living in the CityWhat can I say, I’m a work in progress.The original intention of this blog was to be a place for me to write about my professional passion: healthy living though urban planning.This is pretty broad, and you can only imagine the urban planning profession in general is even broader.Only recently have I seen an emphasis on the connection of urban planning and public health, but it is so important to creating healthy and sustainable communities.So, although it won’t be my only focus of this blog, it is very important to me, and I plan to write about it to some degree.But in general, this blog is about me and the happenings in my life and hopefully how I’ve contributed to the world to make it a better place.At the very least, it’s my journey as I move forward.I chose the name, The Urban Retrofit, because it’s about changing the way we currently live to incorporate elements of healthy living, whether that be through public transportation, walkable communities, or local food systems.Through time and regulations, our towns and cities have transformed into places that act on a global scale- our food is imported from other countries, we spend hours upon hours in front of the TV or computer, and we’ve lost a sense of direct social interaction while we keep up with people on social networking sites.Although technology is great (you wouldn’t be reading this without technology) and the global scale has had many benefits, I hope that we can find a balance by bringing things back to the community scale- through interaction with neighbors, investing in community gardens and urban agriculture, and getting out and active in our own neighborhood parks and trails.Urban Retrofit is about changing our communities and lifestyles to find balance between the busy global world and the community right in your own backyard.As I said, the blog won’t be all about urban planning issues, so the urban retrofit in my life is about the changes I make and the things I do to grow and become a better person as I continue along in the world.I hope you enjoy!And please feel free to comment along the way.I love reading the comments.
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