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"Track_Game" is a reflexion game. The aim of this game is to destroy a moving boat with logic and strategy because you must imagine and anticipate the boat position. At the beginning, you can choose the number of squares for the puzzle and also the difficult level, 1 or 2. The level 2 is available if the puzzle size is more than 11x11. The number of shots is limited depending on the puzzle size.

The software chooses two secret factors for the boat, the coordonate of this start position ‘D’ and one of these four directions : East (E), North (N), West (W) or South (S). After having clicked on a square, you can read in this square the cardinal position of the boat in connection with your shooting. For example, if you read the letter N inside the last square clicked, you imagine a cross centred on this letter, so the boat was in the left hight corner at the time of your last shooting (see the picture on the window). After your shot, level 1, the boat moves one step, two steps with the level 2. Every shot coordonate and the relative position of the boat as (4,1,N) are summarized in a special widget. This summary is a help to choose the square for your next shot.

During the play, you have the possibility to click on a button named "Direction", you would obtain as help the current boat direction. You can also click on a button named "Solution", if you want to know the path of the boat before the end. If you losed, the path of the boat is automatically displayed with the letter D in the Departure square and the letter A in the last square where the boat is Arrived. You can also read in the information button, the initial direction of the boat.

  • Backend Google App Engine
  • Analytics SDK Qt
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