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Handle, Inc. - iOS Developer

Job type: (Fulltime) , Job location: Onsite - San Francisco, CA , Non-US Applicants: (Yes)

These guys are building what I've been envisioning for 25 years. The most exciting personal productivity tool I've seen in forever.
- Mitch Kapor, Founder Lotus, Chairman EFF

We are determined to change the way knowledge workers spend their day for the better:
- We launched the world's first priority engine at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 and won runner-up.
- Our service unifies email, todos, and productivity best practices in one elegant app to help you spend your life on the important things.
- We're lean. Both Steve Blank and Eric Ries are personal mentors. We excel through prototyping, validation, learning and iteration.
- We're funded. Menlo Ventures and an exceptional group of angels.
- We care immensely about our customers, mission, and building a great company. We strive for world-class with every step.
- Our talented team of 15 engineers and designers want to grow to deliver the vision that our customers, team and advisors are so excited about.
- Thousands are begging for the product (quotes @ bottom), we want to accelerate.

Great product - I've been a productivity junkie for eons, going through, strides, asana,, rypple, things, omnifocus, etc. etc. Handle made it simple for me to process hundreds of emails in 20 mins. Awesome. -Chris S.

THANK YOU FOR THIS APP! Please have my first born child! -- John W

An amazing tool, the first of its kind to address one hell of a problem! -- Fred W.

- You love hard problems; this is an ambitious project worthy of your pursuit but the path will not be an easy one.
- You have experience with iOS, and have contributed to two iOS app releases.
- You take pride in your craftsmanship but love to ship.
- BS or higher in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).
- 1+ years developing for iOS.
- Exposure to CoreData, AFNetworking, memory management, concurrent programming a plus.
- History working on data synchronization across devices, especially with email or task apps a plus.
- Disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.

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