Week 1 Newsletter

iOS News


How Apple's iBeacon Will Transform Local Commerce

Insightful post on how iBeacon is going to transform local commerce, reasons why Apple went with Bluetooth 4.0 instead of NFC and how developers can take advantage of it.

Customize the Navigation Bar and Status Bar in iOS 7

If you forgot to change the status bar for iOS 7 like Pandora, here is a blog post to help you out with customizing status and navigation bar. You now have the freedom to customize the full screen - be free!


Parse: backend for your app

Complete technology stack to power your app's backend.


iOS 7 UI Stencil for Omnigraffle

Omnigraffle is a great wireframing tool. If you haven't used it, definitely check it out. If you use omnigraffle, here is the iOS 7 stencil for you.

UIKit Dynamics in iOS 7

UIKit Dynamics is a new API recently added to the latest iOS SDK release. It allows developers to add add real-world inspired interactions and behaviors such as gravity force, collisions, elasticity and more. Check out this detailed post written by the iNVASIVECODE team explaining how to use this new API.

Don't do a Big App Launch

Considering big launch for your app? This blog post from Chad De Pue from Inaka may make you reconsider it. Big launches usually fail because people dont care as much as you and tons of press does not result in tons of users... by a TapFame user, Chad Depue.

App Pricing: Premium vs Freemium vs Subscription

Its clear that paid apps (upfront) are no longer the way to go. Even Apple is giving its iWork suite out for free. Lattice Labs and Marco engaged in a discussion around the different models to make money without paid. If you have a paid app, see if you can tweak it to be freemium

Android News


Should you use Android Studio?

If youre still using Eclipse, you should definitely take a look at Android Studio. Paresh Mayani has written a good overview on how to get started. He does warn against switching completely as Android Studio is still in Early Access Preview.

Android Tab Layout with Swipeable Views

This is a detailed article on how to create tab layout using fragments and viewpager. You dont have to be familiar with these concepts as the tutorial will walk you through creating a project from start.

A Tutorial on How to Make the Phone Vibrate

Brandon is publishing android tutorials. His first one is a simple way is a tutorial on how to make the device vibrate. Developers could use vibrations more often - like when theres an error on a form field... by a TapFame user, Brandon Stecklein

Google Helps you Build Your App's Backend.

Were pretty sure youve seen this, but in case youve been living in a hole - you can now build the backend of your app and deploy your app with a few clicks.


How to design for Android Devices

Great advice on designing Android apps with different Resolution, Font, Action Bar and Content Dimensions

Android is for Startups

Android might be the better platform to iterate on your app and find product market fit. Java developers are more accessible and launching the app into the wild is immediate (no approval time).