Week 10 Newsletter

iOS News


Animated Progress View With CAGradientLayer

Nick Jensen walks through how to create a simple one-pixel progress bar that you can use for various loading transitions in your app.

Objective-C Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference

Another week, another cheat sheet! This time, everything Objective-C is compiled into a handy, quick access guide for your benefit.


Have Fun with Gradient Masks and the iOS 7 Status Bar

Take control of the iOS status bar! Nick Jensen provides a tutorial on how to best design your app around the new margins of iOS 7.

Animate in Xcode without Code

This is a followup to Xcode 5 for designers by Meng To. He shows us how to animate in Xcode without code to make designs really come to life.

iOS 7 UX Critique

This blog has posted some rather blaring design inconsistencies with Apple’s newest OS. Drawing more from the fundamental flaws than simple design choices, this critique is surprisingly scathing in its brevity and bluntness.

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

A user interface kit with over 100 design elements to add to your apps.

Android News


Create a Circular Progress Bar in Android

Awesome post about the steps to use when creating a circular progress bar for his app. It beats the regular ol’ slowly rising percentage, right?

Build Your Android Interfaces with HTML and CSS

This handy tool allows you to design your app’s interface within HTML or CSS code and easily integrate the code into Android format.

Build One Android App for the Phone and Tablet

Matt Swanson hopes to diminish the process of development differences of building for Android phones and tablets with this tutorial posted on his blog.


Design Inspiration for Your Android App

Designers, need some inspiration for your app’s dropdown notification? Check out this fantastic compilation of Android Imagery that can be narrowed by categories including menus, start screens, and more.

How the Design Community is Missing Android’s Potential

Wade Muller, a mobile designer has wrote an interesting post about Android’s leaps and bounds in the last few years on the UI front and why it should be taken seriously.

HTC Maximizes User Frustration With Their UX Design

The HTC Football app receives a lesson in UI essentials from an app designer. He raises some very valid points and makes some interesting observations about mobile UI in general addressing touch feedback, notifications, and more.

UI Design Across Devices: Twitter’s App Redesign

Twitter is (ironically) abuzz with complaints about their new, updated design for Android. Designer Davide Casali schools them in a little design 101.