Week 11 Newsletter

iOS News


UIApplicationDelegate Launch Options

Is your AppDelegate.m cluttered with a lot of initialization code? There is a better way to organize all that code with launchOptions parameter. Great article from Mattt on different launchOption keys and code snippets on how to use it.

Live Editing Layout Constants

We all have spent numerous hours going back and forth arranging pixels and waiting for the app to build and look for the output on simulator. Ole has worked out a way with the help of Classy, Masonry and ClassyLiveLayout to see live edits in the simulator.

Core Bluetooth - Theoretical Overview

Great overview of Core Bluetooth API’s and best practices. iOS 7 made some great additions to the Core Bluetooth API and with iBeacon using Bluetooth LE under the hood, Apple is surely going to make more additions to it in the future versions.

Creating a Slide-out Menu with UIDynamics

UI Dynamics is the newly added library to iOS 7 that allow you to add real-world inspired interactions to your UI. Mehfuz Hossein step-by-step shows how to create a simple slide-out menu with UI Dynamics. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet used UI Dynamics in your app.

Flexible and Fast Xcodebuild Formatter

Goes without saying, debugging is the most time consuming thing we do as a programmer. XCPretty library helps you format Xcode build log so you can clearly look at the error messages rather than reading between the lines.


11 Steps to a Perfect Logo

Logo matters, it gives the first visual identity to your app. It’s worth looking into logo creation from every perspective. Take a look at 11 of those perspectives in this great visual post.

Drag & Drop: Think Twice

Dragging things from one side of the screen to another is painful and even more so when it’s on a touch screen. Dave makes a good case for using touchable interface rather than drag & drop.

Business and Marketing

Switching to Freemium

Software Developer Dennis Reimann lists his reasons for switching to a freemium model for your apps. Interesting read which discusses the growing Freemium model and the App store’s tendency to leave "demo" version of apps behind in search rankings.

Design Screenshots That Sell Your Apps

When words can only go so far, it’s up to you to screenshot the essence of your app for the respective store. Use this guide to make sure the pictures of your app are at their best.

Android News


Mirror API and GDK - Developing for Google Glass

Ever given thought to what the programming of tomorrow will look like? An Android developer walks us through a sample of what it’s like to develop for Google Glass.

Restricted Profile Settings

Want to allow users to limit your app access to certain profiles? Gabriele has written a great post on how to accomplish it. Netflix just started doing it, you should too!

Functional Testing For Android

If you are like me you probably hate writing tests. But it’s good to know your options just in case. Wiebe walks through four different functional testing frameworks in this post.


Touch Gesture Icons

When words just won’t do the trick you can use this collection of icons for relaying hand motions for user navigation. Fast, functional, and free.

(un)Following Guidelines

Cross-Platform development is sometimes considered the way to go but developing the app and designing it can be worlds apart. This post aims to eek developers into consideration regarding the vastly different UI’s of the standard iOS and Android App.