Week 12 Newsletter

iOS News


Automatically resize UITextView in UIView

AutoLayout alone does not does not automatically resize UITextView in UIView so Paul has a code example on how to make auto resizing work!

Apple posts iOS 7 tech talks

Did you miss WWDC? Missed the tech talks in SF, NYC, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and London? No worries - the iOS 7 talks are now all online for your coding pleasure.

iTunes Connect is Back

The holiday downtime has passed and iTunes Connect is once again active. Did you see a spike in downloads?


AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon at CES

The 2014 AT&T Summit Hackathon on Jan 4th and 5th in Las Vegas, will have two main challenges: Wearables and Mobile Apps. Over $150k in total cash prizes are up for grabs with an additional $25k+ in device giveaways. So come build a new app from scratch or integrate production wearables for new interactivity models that you can show off to the world.


A Design Critique of LiveNations app

Jared Zimmerman dissects Livenations app and points out what he thinks are poor design decisions. This post goes into some specifics about location of the search bar, share screen, and menu bar layout that might help when you think about the UI of your own apps.

Designers of PicsArt Talk about Their Redesign

The concept behind the new design is to ensure that favorite activities are always visible and accessible so users can jump around at any time. A good read about incorporating design feedback.

Business and Marketing

Great Apps Do Not Sell Themselves

“If you build it they will come” has never been true, especially for mobile apps. The process of getting an app out the door now includes questions like which platform to launch for and how to get users that stick to your app.

Android News


Custom Fonts the Easy Way

Are you fed up of Custom views to set fonts? Or traversing the ViewTree to find TextViews? Here’s an easy guide to adding custom fonts to your apps!

How to Trace a Path in Your App

The path tracing effect relies on a little known Android API called PathEffect. You can use it to trace a path of the America or individual states or any type of figures.


Infographic of iOS and Android Design Guidelines

The team over at Kinvey has compiled a good overview of the basic elements of app design - status bar, icon sizes, etc. for iOS and Android apps.

The Android Design Team Picks its Top 10 Android Apps

These apps paid attention to the little things: transitions are fast and clear and the layouts and typography are crisp and meaningful. Take a look through the list and maybe some will inspire you.