Week 13 Newsletter

iOS News


Working With Keyboard on iOS

Keyboard is one thing that’s probably present in most apps. Rafal compiles his experience working with keyboard notifications. A nice guide if you are tired of looking at documentation again and again.

Stretchy UICollection View Headers

If you think the scroll view feature in iOS 7 might work well in your app, you might appreciate Nick Jensen’s newest contribution to the Tapfame newsletter. In addition to demonstrating its use, he provides the code for easy implementation.

Inspect the View Hierarchy of 3rd-party Apps

This is a really cool hack. It’s tough to get the view hierarchy right at the first attempt so you can use this hack to see other apps’ view hierarchy and learn from them. The only downside is that you will need a jailbroken device.

HTML5 Input Elements on iOS

If you are working on an HTML5 web app and looking for the ways to control the iOS keyboard Eric has some tips for you.

Virtues of Modern Objective-C

If you are looking for some new year resolutions Ash has a list of resolutions you can take to make your Objective C code more productive.

NSHipster Reader Submissions - 2014

A collection of user submitted programming articles representing the very best of 2013’s mobile app coding.


Fitbits New Look for iOS 7

We took a look at Fibits update to their UI for iOS 7 and they did a lot of things right. Check out our analysis of the jump from iOS 6.

Iterating to an Ugly UI

Designing an app is an iterative process, you have to go from a sketch on paper to a design that is intuitive and focused given the small screen. Ryan writes down his experience and warns against always going for latest trends.

Business and Marketing

Mobile Predictions for 2014

In addition to looking back at some of the statistics of mobile trends in 2013, Chetan provides his predictions for what features will gain the most traction in the new year, and how Google might not be Apple's biggest rival.

Know When It’s Time to Move On

This developer details his time working at a start-up and the trials and tribulations that came with it. An introspective look into the life of a passionate mobile developer who loves his work but knows when he needs a new challenge.

Android News


Export an Android Project From Eclipse Into Android Studio 0.4.0

Changing editor is tough for a programmer, it's like moving to a new house. Now that Android Studio is getting better and better why not make a move to mark the start of a new year. Rex makes it easier for you to do so in this post.

How We Do Mobile Engineering at Venmo

This outline for success follows the plan the engineers at Venmo took in order to build their code and get from the conception to the release phase of development. A coding journal, of sorts.

Splash Screen on Android

Even though Android doesn't require a splash screen it's good to have one to improve the startup time (or it's perception as Marco writes).


Android 4.5 Design Critique

With all the hate that iOS 7 is getting these days, it’s only fair that someone rips into Google’s latest efforts as well. This post goes after the stock settings and camera apps.

Take a Look at that Android 5.0 UI Design [Concept]

We’re only a couple months into KitKat but one can dream (let alone the entire internet), and these mockups are pretty darn awesome. Take note Google designers!

Android Design in Action: 2013 in Recap and Links to Must See Videos

This blogger has compiled a list of some of the best tips and tutorials for Android App developers posted this year taken from a video by the Google Android Team.