Week 14 Newsletter

iOS News


Tales From Core Data

Rodrigo Garcia Segovia shares his journey getting started with Core Data. There’s a ton of information about Core Data out there, but this first hand account of ramping up is really helpful for anyone trying to dive in themselves.

Objective-C Literals

Super useful--we have been using the NSDictionary, NSNumber, and NSArray literals for some time. We will add these other ones to our toolkit.

Using Auto Layout in Xcode 5

In Xcode 4, it was very hard using Auto Layout in Interface Builder because Xcode tried too hard to “help” the developer. Luckily in Xcode 5 Apple has greatly improved and the Auto Layout features in Interface Builder. This tutorial takes a look at the basic features using Auto Layout in Xcode 5.

Pull to Refresh Bar that Plays Pong

This is just great. It’s a pull-down-to-refresh control for iOS that plays pong. Enough said!

Synthesized Speech From Text

New to iOS 7 is the “Text to Speech Synthesizer” API. This detailed post provides simple instructions to add this feature to your apps and take advantage of pitch settings, volume, and more.


Marketing Your App Without Spending Money

Paying ad networks for users doesn’t work for everyone. Tapstream lets you send visitors to your app from tweets, emails, blog posts, comments, or anywhere else links can go. You’ll find out exactly how many people click on each link, how many of those install your app, and how many of those new users actually engage or buy inside the app. All at zero cost. Tapstream is already on your iPhone in many of the apps you use today - it should be in your app too.


How to Set Up Photoshop for UI Design

Learn some quick tips to fine-tune photoshop to get the most out of its use in app designing. Some great tips from proper dimensions to utilizing snap settings.

Designing Buttons for iOS 7

Never send a developer to do a designer’s job! Anyone can slip in pre-made icons but to truly make your app stand out, you should consider designing your own. Here’s a helpful guide by Taylor Beck.

UX Sketching: Why is it Necessary?

Want to design the UI for your new app but don’t know where to start? This is a great post which lays out a gameplan and steps to get over “designer’s block.”

Yahoo Sports Brings More Than a Redesign to iOS 7

Over on the TapFame blog, we wrote up another comparison between an awesome update from iOS 6 and shed light on Yahoo Sports GIF creation tool.

Business and Marketing

What I Learned In My First Year Of iOS Consulting

Brandon Treb recounts his first year doing iOS development as a contractor/consultant. He made 40% more money but had to do more than just write code.

Why We Launched on Both iOS and Android (And You Should Too)

Cloud Magic stands up for the “Android First” crowd by sharing why they reasoned launching on both iOS and Android was best for their product. It’s something to take into consideration as they revel in some often overlooked benefits of the Android community.

Android News


How to Turn a Webapp into Native Android in 5 Minutes

I am not sure how well this works but it is definitely intriguing. Zoli Kahan used this method while re-writing his game Zoggle.

Android Priority Job Queue

A Job Queue specifically written for Android to easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background, improving UX and application stability.

A Recipe for Writing Responsive Rest Clients on Android

Android development is easy but making the app resilient is hard. The most important key to providing a good user experience is to drop dependency on network while handling user actions.

Android Priority Job Queue

A Job Queue specifically written for Android to easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background, improving UX and application stability

So You Want to Be an Android Developer

Interested in getting into Android Programming or getting even better? This helpful blogger has compiled a great list of resources and tools to get you headed in the best direction!


Principles of User Interface Design

Android always plays little brother in terms of design compared to iOS apps. This is a good post that walks through some core design principles that should always be followed, especially on Android with all the device/OS fragmentation.

Designing for Android

This designer (Michael Mulvey) is not pleased with Android’s allowance of fragmentation within its manufacturing community and lists the reasons why it’s problematic creating UI.