Week 15 Newsletter

iOS News


A Closer Look at the iOS 7 App Switcher

As you might know iOS7 introduced a new UI for the transition between apps. And while swiping across apps users see a tiny snapshot of your app. Vinh has a suggestion to make that snapshot called 'card view' readable so users get a good peek into your app while transitioning and if they like what they see they may be they will open your app!

Building a Native iOS Graphing Engine

Chris writes a great rundown of how he went about re-designing the graphing engine for iOS 7 design of Pocket Weather 4. He goes through the technical aspects of layering different views and why he had to launch his own clone for CATiledLayer. I have to say, the final result made all his efforts worth it.

Interactive Transitions

The more intuitive and smooth transitions between views are, the more likely users are going to flip through it and spend a lot of time in the app. We can clearly see that people love the transitions Yahoo News and other apps introduced. In this post, Yari explains how to implement a cool interactive transition

Hack With the Objective-C Runtime

If you are tired of writing the same code again and again to create and modify class objects with different property list this post is for you. It takes advantage of objective-c runtime to create new model for a class, all you have to do is define a property list.

Fixing UITextView on iOS 7

If you are using UITextView with iOS 7, this post is for you. It fixes a lot of annoying issues with UITextView like scrolling pasted text to the caret position, scrolling down when you user adds a new line.


Intensive iOS 7 Training (March 14th-18th).

iNVASIVECODE has been expanding iOS expertise since 2008. Training classes broadened developers capabilities and understanding through hands-on learning, close personal attention, and a constantly updated curriculum.


Design with Sketch

There’s a great tool out there for designers to work with but none that have sounded as impressive as this. Along with some great design tips for iOS, Meng To has some great tutorials for using Sketch.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference and this designer has chosen some of his favorites from iOS 7. Subtle reflections of the slider bars, dynamic backgrounds--there’s some great understated beauty here.

Easily Build Code-Free iOS Prototypes with Flinto

A hand’s on walkthrough for designers and entrepreneurs to quickly build prototypes that feel native on iPhone and iPad.

Business and Marketing

The Strange, Shady World of $1,000 dollar iOS Apps

This is some scary, deviantly crafty stuff. A look into how some apps are manipulating the app store algorithms for better search rankings by increasing the app price to $999. Definitely some work required on Apple’s part to fix the app store ranking algorithm.

Don’t Fall Below the App Poverty Line

Anyone can monetize an app but it’s tough to monetize it correctly. Daniel Doebrich has written a five-step plan to successfully implement a monetization scheme into your app and the strategies behind them.

Android News


Beginners Guide to Animation in Android

Get some insight into Animating on Android! This tutorial covers the ViewPropertyAnimator and Interpolators to get the most out of your UI.

Testing on Android: Functional Tests

Looking to test out your app and need advice on which functional testing framework to use? Look no further as Daniel has compiled a collection of results based on his own personal experiences.

Android Different Screen Sizes Support

Here’s a great guide to designing your Android app around the increasingly varied screen sizes of your user base. Khurram has even added the dimensions to help you out!

Android Image Resizer

Tired of saving screenshots in all the sizes required by play store? This library automatically does that for you.


Well Color Me Indecisive

It seems that the Android design team is molding their UI to a more flat design much like iOS 7. This blogger, welcomes the change and addresses apps that take advantage of colored headers to distinguish themselves in beautiful ways.

Awesome Android Design

A member of the Google Android Design team, Nick Butcher has created a slideshow presenting what he feels are some of the best ways to go about designing an app. Everything from font choices to content placement philosophy is represented.