Week 16 Newsletter

iOS News


Remove the Arm64 Architecture from CocoaPods Targets

CocoaPods still includes the arm64 architecture in its generated targets. This causes problems if your app’s dependencies don’t support arm64. Cameron Spickert shares a quick fix.

Custom Control for iOS Tutorial: A Reusable Knob

Custom UI controls can make your app delightful to use. Sam Davies walks through a tutorial to create a volume control using a knob instead of the standard horizontal line!

Parallax Scrolling Album Covers with UI CollectionView

Nick Jensen recreates the album scrolling that is in the Music app in iTunes Radio. The particular 3D effect he recreates shows the collection of tracks within an album as albums are scrolling. This could be a great way to show a feed of content from users with more content by each user hidden behind the main view.

UI Automation in XCode

Testing UI in apps is tricky if you’re coming from web development experience; you cannot just spin up selenium and write scripts to walk through the app. UIAutomation is the solution that ships with Xcode 4.5+ and deserves a read-through if you have not used it before.

Animated App Icons

Ben shares with us some of the cool animated effects he put into his apps and the best ways to take advantage of social network integrations!


Designing Mobile First

With the ever increasing rise in mobile traffic these days, it is super important to design your content for a mobile screen before you design for the web. We all knew that right? Meng To offers up some great advice for how to get started and some typography tips.

Talking About the Weather: Decision-Making in App Design

Some developers work tirelessly wrenching out ideas and functionality of their apps and for others, the idea falls into their laps. You don’t hear much about the ones that come from one’s dreams though! Neale Van Fleet brings us this interesting account of the creation of his app and the insight of launching it.

Polar Vortex

Mark and Gordon of the Build Phase Podcast chat some more about UIPageViewController, UIImage tinting and a better multitasking model.

Business and Marketing

Getting Into the Top 10

Aleksandar Vacic from Radiantnav recounts his time in the “Top 10” section on the app store and the rapid rate at which his downloads increased. How did he get there? Find out!

A Basic Blueprint for Mobile User Acquisition

Designing a well-rounded mobile user acquisition strategy that can be sustained in the long-term is not an easy challenge and this article highlights 10 fundamental areas for mobile app developers to focus on.

Android News


How to Enable the Translucent Status and Navigation Bar

Android 4.4 introduced a way for developers to make the background of the status and navigation bars translucent and put controls and items underneath them. This could be used for hiding admin controls or infrequently used call to actions in the top bar.

Drawing Shapes with Fingers

I want to run through this example so I can feel like a kid again. There’s something magical about drawing shapes on a glass screen with your finger. Enjoy!

Tricks to Boost Performance of List View

Abishek shares some simple ways to make your list view scroll smooth. This is a good refresher and and a solid test if you want some quick speed improvements.

Coding for Multiple App Stores

You do not always want to publish the same APK to multiple Android app stores. Massimiliano Fanciulli walks through how to set your APKs for different releases - i.e. paid in one app store and free in another or enabling/disabling in app purchases.

Improve Language Translation for your App

The Square team shares a micro-library that reduces translation mistakes. They had a few problems translating Square Register to French and Japanese. Phrase consists of a single Java class and suite of unit tests.

Testing Tools

This is part 3 of Dan Lew’s app testing series. Dan lists and summarizes a handful of tools he’s looked through and shares pros/cons.


Android Design Cheat Sheet

The folks over at Double Encore created this great reference for Android designers. It lists standard screen sizes, tips for launcher icons, and much, much more.

Android Versions Over Time

Aisha Kasotiya delves into the history of the Android device versions detailing the various changes to the UI and improvements to their respective feature sets.