Week 18 Newsletter

iOS News


iOS in the Car!

As someone who has driven around the country a lot, the idea of having my favorite utilities in my car is amazing. This is still far away but at least I can start seeing what my apps will look like in the simulator’s car mode.

Why I Don’t Want Your SDK in Production

Brandur is a platform engineer at Heroku and revisits the debate between webservices built upon HTTP requests and SDKs in mobile apps. There are a lot of uncertainties that come up when working various SDKs that you need to be aware of.

Examples of Small Tweaks to Make When Moving to iOS 7

Apple has now decreed that all apps submitted to the store must be built for iOS7. This post talks about how to change the navigation bar, trimming button labels and styling UISwitch.

Coding in Color

This peaked my interest because code documentation can somehow get cumbersome. What if colors could help to organize my code?


iOS 7 Design Flaws that Still Remain

This post edges on the side of being too picky, but there are some issues like a never ending scroll bar and confusing volume controls that still exist in iOS 7.

Redesigning Evernote

Marcin shows off how he would redesign Evernote. He points out a few areas where the app can be even more focused - I read this peace keeping out app in mind!

Paper is Beautiful

Facebook’s paper app is beautiful. The only complaint is that there are too many gestures. My favorite design detail (which I might borrow) is how the menu button flips into an X.

A Good Template to Build Your Icon

This is a good (and free) template to use as you sketch, draw and design your app’s icon.

Business and Marketing

Flappy Bird is Making $50,000 Per Day

I am addicted to this game. I just wonder how long this addiction will last.

Android News


Build Your First Pebble App

Pebble’s app store is now in the wild and any mobile app can have a companion watchapp. This tutorial is from December, but its great and deserves a reading if you are interested in building a watchapp.

Simpler Android apps with Flow and Mortar

See how Square uses Flow to keep track of what View to show when. These views stay simple (and testable) by injecting all their smarts from tidy little scopes defined with Mortar.

Using the Gradle Build System

If you have been using Gradle to build your Android apps, here are some of the improvements you can use to make the configuration cleaner and simpler to write with the updated Gradle.

Bust the Android Fragmentation Myth

This is a fairly long and detailed presentation that argues that fragmentation is really not a problem if you develop your Android app correctly.


Design Android and iOS Apps Differently

Back buttons are different and menu bars are very different - these are just some of the things that you should take into account when designing your app for Android vs. iOS.

Left-aligned Logos

I have had this question in mind for a while. Why are logos on Android left-aligned vs the iOS center aligned logos. Android seems to have more space for other actions in the top bar whereas iOS is very clean.