Week 19 Newsletter

iOS News


iOS Resources

After having released more than 11 apps in the app store Sam Soffes lists all the resources he found useful. Definitely some good tips in there, my favorite is being resourceful.

Replacing the Objective-C “Delegate Pattern” with ReactiveCocoa

In this article Justin writes about how ReactiveCocoa a library based on the “Functional Reactive Programming” can be used to replace delegate pattern in Objective-C. It surely makes the delegate code look good by introducing helpers for creating signals from any selector on an object or protocol

NSString and Unicode

Absolutely amazing write up on using unicode everywhere in objective-c. Covers everything from UTF-8, NSString, looping, comparisons and reading text from files or the network.

Optimizing Mobile Web Apps for iOS

If you are looking to create a web app for your existing iOS app, Matt has tips for you on things to take care of while developing for mobile web like viewport, adding icon, setting startup image etc.

Tales From The Crash Mines

This is a great article on analyzing crash reports and digging into the exact cause of crashes. Mike takes a crash report and disassembles it frame by frame.

Single Responsibility Principle & iOS

Brad makes an argument for keeping the View Controller clean in this article based on the Single Responsibility Principle by taking an example and implementing the View Controller with only the code that affects view changes in response to data changes.


Design Details: Secret for iOS

Brian talks about the little design things done really well by “Secret” app. Things like scrolling, composing and sliding are very intuitive, lightweight and fun to use.

iOS 7 App Icon Design in Photoshop

Howard shows some best practices when designing your app icon in photoshop in this video. A great walkthrough especially because It’s easy to miss some guidelines while designing the app icon.

About App Icons

We all know how important app icons are. In this post Louie takes different app icons and explains philosophy behind it. A great post to help you think about your app icon design.

Business and Marketing

Big Banner Feature != Big Bucks

Apparently, getting featured in the best new app section is better than getting a big banner in the app store.

Android News


Location tracking in Android applications

Pallavi lists down three ways for implementing efficient location tracking in this post with advantage and disadvantage of each.

How to Leak a Context

In this post Alex demonstrates a memory leak and shows how to fix it. He advises against using non-static inner classes in an activity if instances of the inner class outlive the activity's lifecycle.

Spans, a Powerful Concept.

In this post Falvien explores different types of Spans to manipulate text like ImageSpan, BackgroundColorSpan and shows how to extend Spans.

Upstream Messages With Google Cloud Messaging

In this post Wolfram gives an step by step overview of implementing upstream messaging with Google cloud messaging which allows for upstream messaging and for user specific notifications.


Reimagining an iOS App for Android

Adit lists some ideas to keep in mind while designing an iOS app for Android in this post. There are some design considerations that are very specific to Android and it’s important to keep those in mind.

Android design stencils for Adobe Illustrator

Folks at Yiibu provide this great stencil for Adobe illustrator. It's fully editable and has styleable vector components.