Week 2 Newsletter

iOS News


Automatically export all the different screenshots of your apps

Dont spend a day taking all the different screenshots of your app by language, device, orientation, etc. Kent Sutherland has built a utility to auto-generate all the different types of screenshots you would want.

Are you sure you have tested everything about your app?

Nick Arnott lays out a pretty extensive tree of all the things you should test with your app. It's pretty handy to use when you are launching your app or working on an update.

Apache Cordova (PhoneGap's open source arm) updated for iOS 7

After adding support for four UIWebView properties for iOS 7 in the last release, more updates have been made to make Cordova iOS 7 ready.

How to fix the forced logout bug in your iOS 7 app

Many apps are logging users out after an app is opened from background mode. This is an iOS7 specific problem that good folks at Loom have written solution for.


Appboy: iOS 7 Implications for App Marketers

Learn how iOS 7 gives you new opportunities to promote your app and other things you should keep in mind.


Dont make an app for Newsstand - even if a client asks you to

Marko Karppinen has decided to no longer recommend Newsstand to his publisher clients. The main reasons is that the app is hidden away in newsstand after users download it.

Implementing Dynamic Type on iOS 7

Apple changed some of the base text size of its fonts. Learn how to adapt your app to these changes and how to use custom fonts with Dynamic Type.

Android News


If you are using Android Studio - you must read this.

This is a post on many of the productivity tricks and tips when using Android Studio.

Everything you want to know about Android KitKat (not really)

This is to get your full quota of laugh and sugar today :)

Example technology setup and approach when building a mobile game

Janne Varis is an android game developer and shows us the technology stack and approach involved to build and launch a game on the Google play store.

Fixing Memory Leaks in Android Applications

Although you don't have to explicitly worry about memory management when developing for Android, you must handle the life cycle of certain objects to improve performance and ensure your app runs smoothly on devices with various memory constraints.


Does your iOS app and Android app look the same?

Theresa Neil is a strategist and designer. The core lesson she shares is that the app UX and flow should be the same but specific gesture interactions will differ.

Assets for your Android app

Generate icons, frames, action bars, etc. to help spruce up your app and make it look presentable.