Week 20 Newsletter

iOS News


How to Fix the Most Common Xcode Errors

This is the must have debugger list if you’re not yet an Xcode expert.

Animate Xcode without Code

Create simple and elegant animations in storyboard, without code.

Xcode Plugins

This is an older but recently updated list of xcode plugins to make your life easy.

3 Tips to Boost Productivity

Did you know you can have tabs in Xcode just like you do in a browser? Learn about this and two other super useful tips.


Icons for Your Apps

Our friends over at Invasive Code have created a great set of icons. Check them out.

Design Details: Google Search for iOS

Google search app is beautiful but its not used that much. If you do not have the app see some of the app’s beauty here.

Get Inspired by App UI’s and Icons

Ever get stuck on a design. Get some inspiration.

Business and Marketing

Monetization Tips For App Developers

Read this if you plan on monetizing through ads.

Inforgraphic on Mobile App Security

There are some good raw numbers on app security and tips to make apps secure.

Android News


Building Cordova Apps for Firefox OS

You can use Cordova to build multi-platform apps, including Firefox OS.

Android Studio Breaking your Builds?

The latest Android studio is breaking existing builds. Here is the fix.

Deploy New Builds without Google Play

Evolve is a library for Android Developers that lets you deploy new versions of an app without going through Google Play or asking users to download an update.


Android Design Pro-Tip

Add background protection for system UI chrome when using KitKat’s translucent decor flags.

The Best Android Action Bars

This post compares how action bars differ on Android with their iOS counterparts.