Week 21 Newsletter

iOS News


NYTimes Objective-C Style Guide

Objective C style guide from the best in the business. At the bottom there are links to style guides from Google, Github and others.

Common iOS bugs

This article lists some very easy to miss bugs. For example, I have seen the microphone permission bug with many apps.

Objective-C isn't what you think it is

iOS devs at Rap Genius write about how to think about Objective C if you are coming from a web development background.

Fetched Properties, Useful?

Marcus talks about the use case for Fetched Property feature of Core Data.


Intensive iOS 7 Training (March 14th-18th)

iNVASIVECODE has been expanding iOS expertise since 2008. Training classes broadened developers capabilities and understanding through hands-on learning, close personal attention, and a constantly updated curriculum.


Prototyping Interactions: Tools Overview

Jess gives an overview of prototyping tools and her experience using tools like Origami, Framejs and Adobe After effects.

Comprehensive Design Handbook

A comprehensive handbook “Pixel Pefect Precision” from ustwo studio. Some great app design tips in there. We highly recommend downloading it.

Designing Unread for iPad

See how Jared designed “Unread for iPad”, gives a good glimpse of the thought process and a different perspective.

Android News


Removing the pain points from Android development

Tony lists some common pain points with Android development and solutions for it.

Rest interaction in Android

Federico has some great recommendations on implementing web requests in your apps and shows an architectural approach of doing it.

People can’t find my application in Google Play

If you are getting complaints that users can’t find your apps in Google play store Cliffe suggests checking the permissions you are asking for.


Android Toolkit

Android Design Toolkit from Boltmade. Includes - UI components, Nexus 5 line graphic shell, default spacing guideline etc.

Export to Android Photoshop Script

If you are tired of resizing image for use in different place, Gaston has a Photoshop script for you.