Week 22 Newsletter

iOS News


Debugging iOS Apps

Chisel is a collection of LLDB commands to assist debugging iOS apps.

Android Compatibility: a Primer for iOS Developers

Android is fragmented, but do not let that deter you from building an Android version of your app.

Deep Linking to Apps

fb://profile opens the Facebook app and links to the user’s profile, twitter://timeline Opens the Twitter app and links to the user’s timeline, etc.


Speed up your App

New Relic is the leader in Web and Mobile app performance. Don't let your users suffer from a slow site. Deploy today and get your Nerd Life shirt free!


Learn the Basics of Designing a Mobile App

This might be trivial for most of you, but it’s worth spending a few minutes over the weekend going through it.

Do Not Make Your Design too Clever

Sometimes it is better to just stick with the standard design conventions.

Improving the WhatsApp Interface

As if $19 billion was not good enough… Vitalli explains how he would improve the WhatsApp design.

Business and Marketing

The New Way to Distribute Enterprise Apps

There are some great new tools for IT departments to manage and deploy internal apps on iOS.

Testflight Alternatives

Now that Apple has bought Testflight, here are some great alternatives.

Android News


Speed up Gradle Build Time (by a lot!)

Tell Gradle to use a daemon to build. It is that simple.

Using the Accelerometer on Android

This is a mobile TUTS on how to use the accelerometer in your app.

Make Your App Work on the TV

If you want to share content with a TV, then the Google Cast SDK makes that easy to do.


Android Design Guidelines, UX and Product Management

For example, navigation drawers with sub navigation seems confusing but users may get used to it.

UXD: Three Steps To Awesome - Part 3 of 3

9 minute video talking about the importance of user research and avoiding three common pitfalls.