Week 23 Newsletter

iOS News


A Dark Room's Story

It's rare that a developer writes a blog post like this. The developer of 'a dark room' app chronologically describes the events since the first line of code he wrote to the point his app reached top 200 in overall games category.

UIKit Dynamics, Core Animation Layers and Autolayout Constraints

They say constraints drive creativity. In this post Geppy describes the approach he took to add dynamic layers when he found that UIKit dynamics doesn't work with CALayer.

Mastering the iCloud Document Store

In this comprehensive article Friedrich and Max describe how to use iCloud Document Store from start to finish - implementation, testing, debugging, shipping.


Automatically Port Your iOS Application to Android

Apportable is a engine that ports apps from iOS to Android without extensive changes to the original Objective-C or C++ code. Try it.


Animation Principles in UI Design: Understanding Easing

In this article Suresh explains the design concepts behind ease-in and ease-out animation and how to apply it to UI design.

Numbers Made Beautiful

Forms are hard to design, Vinit explains the visual cues and design tactics they used to make forms less boring.

iOS 7 vs iOS 7.1

Now that iOS 7.1 is out you can vote here on whether you like the specific changes.

Business and Marketing

iBeacon Now Works When the App Is Closed

If you are working on an iBeacon app, changes in iOS 71 will make you happy. Users can now get iBeacon notification even when your app is closed or the phone is rebooted.

Android News


Testing Asynchronous Tasks on Android

Enrique gives a way for testing tasks running on different threads than the UI in Android in this post. You can give it a try if you have a lot of asynchronous stuff in your app.

Obtaining Location Updates in Android

If you are facing issues using LocationManager class, Ajay has a solution for you.

Lets try Android Game Development with AndEngine

If you always wanted to try AndEngine - A 2D OpenGL game engine for Android, Amalan has step by step post to help you get started


Serendipitous (design) ideas

In this post Muzei Live Wallpaper (~14,000 ratings in Google Play) designer Roman writes about the design inspiration for the app and how he used different real life clues in his design.

Setup Design Preview on Your Android device

Android Design Preview is a tool that lets you mirror a portion of your desktop to your device. Useful for visual designers, this tool can help streamline your high-fidelity mockup workflow.