Week 24 Newsletter

iOS News


Looks like UIProgressViews with custom images is totally broken in iOS 7.1

This is very annoying and it seems like the only way to fix it is subclassing UIProgressView.

8 Tips When Working with Interface Builder

My favorite is holding the option key to view distance from another view's edges.

How to Read Your User’s Credit Cards with the Camera

Apps like Uber have capture credit via camera - it i still not so simple.


AT&T Hosting $35K Online App Challenge for New and Current Apps

This contest, accepting submissions until March 31st, is open to BOTH new and existing mobile applications that integrate their AT&T U-verse enabled APIs.


Mobile Full Screen: Make the Bottom Nav Bar Disappear

Gain valuable app screen space for content views by removing the bottom navigation bar.

How to Design Pixel Perfect Photoshop Files for iOS Apps

Quick Photoshop setup that helps us make better design decisions when designing for iOS devices.

Examples of Long Shadow Design

I am not sure if this is a joke or a trend, but i am including it just in case it is the latter!

Android News


Android is Coming to Wearables

This could be Google’s way of dominating hardware. Let us know if you have an Android wearable project and we can blog about it.

How Android Transitions Work

Very convenient API to animate UIs between different states.

Still debating Eclipse vs Android Studio

The short answer is just to try Android Studio for one of your apps and then decide!

Task Queues with Goro

Queuing tasks is one of the very common things we do to ensure sequential execution. Folks at Stanfy have created a lightweight library to help you with that.


6 Tips to Design Better Android Apps, No More Excuses

Make sure your Android designs are not inferior to their iOS counterparts.

See Your Android Photoshop Designs on Your Phone - Instantly

This is a bit like a remote desktop app specifically to see your app’s photoshop design on your device.