Week 25 Newsletter

iOS News


Tweak by Facebook

A tweak a week, keeps the…bugs away? This library brings app development a step closer to web development. More such tools will help.

Fixing Retained View Controllers

The first step in fixing a bug is detecting it. In this step-by-step post Adam shows how to detect retained view controllers using Xcode instruments.

Refactor Cocoa Code

This post is for code OCD’s out there :) It has a few good refactoring tricks you can apply in your Cocoa code to simplify it.


Most Popuplar Icon Colors

The most popular colors that designers use in app icons.

Etsy’s Design Process

This is a first-person walk through of how Etsy thought through its app design.

Designing Touch Screen Games

The games which rely on simplicity and quick access seem to have the greatest influence over the top apps.

Business and Marketing

Is Android Developer Interest Matching Its Market Share?

Why do most developers still prefer iOS over Android even though there are more Android devices out there? This post highlights comes up with answers to this age old question.

Android News


Adding Cloud Functionality to an Android App

Andy lists some pitfalls to avoid while adding Cloud functionality in your Android app.

Record and Playback Sound

Adobe recently launched ColdFusion project Splendor, an all in one application server to build and deploy apps. This post shows how to write a simple and record and playback app with code examples using ColdFusion Splendor.


Heatmaps for Android

Testfairy has SDK for you to get the heatmaps of how users are using your Android app.