Week 26 Newsletter

iOS News


CoreBackground: make your app look as beautiful as Yahoo Weather

CoreBackground is a set of Objective-C classes inspired by the iOS Yahoo Weather App.

Apply to WWDC

One thousand Apple engineers and five thousand developers will gather. Apply, I hope you get in!


UIWebViews are expensive to create and are pretty much overkill when all you need is a simple UILabel type class that shows static styled text.


Stop hemorrhaging users on their first day

Deferred Deep Links bring intent based user acquisition to mobile. Customize a new user's first time experience and reduce day one churn.


Two tools to create great app screenshots

Your app screenshots should tell a story and explain the benefits to the user.

Add a shimmering effect (like the unlock slider)

Extremely useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator.

This is how notifications should work on iOS

Notifications can be a very painful interruption. A few simple UI tweaks could make them more friendly.

Business and Marketing

Thoughts on increasing app revenue

Update often, improve metadata and localise your app

Grow revenue 437 percent in 7 days

How powerful is a combined price drop and feature on the Apple App Store for a paid game? The answer is extremely powerful.

Android News


Swipe Refresh Layout

Swipe refresh layout is a ViewGroup that holds only one scrollable view and it works with vertical swipe gesture.

Still have not used Gradle? Join this webinar

It is a 30 minute overview to get you started.

Add a custom button to the Android keyboard

Quick demo of what the “sign-in” button can do on your user’s keyboard.


Updated Android design kit

Nikolai has made some great updates to this kit - it is worth a re-download.

Design principles of Android wear

Android wearables provide just the right information at just the right time, allowing you to be connected to the virtual world and present in the real world.

Facebook rolling out new Android app design to all alpha testers

Facebook has been A/B testing a new flat Android UI for months now, but now the company has made it available to all users, with one important stipulation: you must be a member of the Android alpha testing group, which began last November.