Week 27 Newsletter

iOS News


Open source tool to install internal apps

Enable rapid-deployment of experimental builds to your team

Stop nesting animation blocks

New in iOS7, there is a method for building stacks of animations.

Using multipeer connectivity

Todd Lee explains problems he experienced when setting up multipeer connectivity.


Monitor all your apps!

Deploy New Relic and get your Nerd Life t-shirt. Monitor any web or mobile app in less than 2 minutes. Don't let performance ruin your bottom line.


iOS GUI is going to be directly integrated into Sketch 3

A pillar of mobile UI design comes to the every popular Sketch. Are you still using Photoshop?

Use the bottom edge of your app to create magic

See examples of how designers have used the bottom edge of the phone and get inspired.

Think about your app 3d when designing

Layers is a great way to think about your app to improve design and hierarchy

Android News


Is your emulator slow?

Checkout Genymotion - an Android emulator that works on top of VirtualBox.

What happens when google suspends your app?

Your code is important, but your app's description could get you banned.

Creating a fixed format for dates

Android defaults format to user’s local, but this not always good for enterprise apps.


Create rounded avatar images

Convert square user images into rounded avatars

Create custom loading animations

Animations add the delight factor which makes the difference between a 5 star and 4 star review.

How Taylor would improve the mailbox app design

The key lesson here is, mailbox should look like its an Android app, not the iOS app on Android.