Week 28 Newsletter

iOS News


Plugins for Xcode

Plugins to make Xcode act more like an IDE you love.

Exposing NSDictionary

Does NSDictionary make use of hash table?

Create Interactive Transitions

Andrew walks through how to create interactive transitions.


The State of In-Car UX

What do screens look like in cars?

The Shift Key in iOS 7

Aleksandar would redesign the shift key and I agree.

Managing Sketch for iOS Dev

A designers workflow with Sketch

Android News


Using the Android uiautomator to Record a Promo Video

One reason is that text entry via the on-screen keyboard is fast and flawless.

Generating Preloaded Sqlite Data

Loading data manually is tedious and generally not a good idea.

Gmail Loading Animation

Implement this to give your app gmail like loading.


Is Cards UI the Future of Mobile?

The Cards look is proving to be the go to design recently for many apps.

Android Localization Tips

You can get a high quality, accurate description of your app in other locales.

Android Design Head Matias Duarta Talks

Good video with a very candid conversation about Android