Week 29 Newsletter

iOS News


CocoaPods and custom build configs

The pods and your target have to have the same preprocessor macro settings.

Running custom clang analyzer builds

The clang static analyzer provides powerful source code analysis to detect bugs in C, C++ and Objective-C code.

iOS toolset for development

Tang lists 14 essentials most if not all should use for iOS development.


How Cluster dramatically increased iOS access conversion

Cluster is an app which enables users to create private social networks around interests and experiences.

Tint colors and iOS make buttons confusing

Clickable buttons are sometimes hard to identify on iOS 7.

Learn iOS design

A good analysis of Apple's design guidelines.

Help name a button

A designer is asking what should name a button on his app.

Android News



Similar customizable attributes are available programmatically or using styleable attributes in DraggableView.

Handy adb commands for android

Useful commands for your mac terminal.

Override ALL TextView's typefaces

Check this out if you need to set one font for all TextViews in android application.


View Android libraries on your device with their Virtual Installer.


Animated fragments

Great looking animation! Check it out.

Android wear design kit

This is great if you're thinking about a wearable app