Week 3 Newsletter

iOS News


Publishing your app from Xcode 5

Some things have changed slightly in Xcode 5. Mobiarch walks through the steps involved in submitting an app to the app store from Xcode 5.

How to generate and read barcode

The team at Invasive Code shows code examples of how to generate and scan (read) 1D and 2D barcode on iOS 7.

How LinkedIn did the "impossible" with iOS Mail App

A walk-through of how LinkedIn implemented full, viewable profiles through the iOS Mail app using some inspired CSS trickery and Proxy server.


Apptentive: improve your app

In-app feedback, rating prompts, and surveys to engage and talk to your customers


Hex values of for iOS 7 gradients

Are you a fan of iOS 7s color scheme? This handy guide provides the HEX color-codes used in creating the gradients of its home page app icons.

Checklist: iOS 7 App Redesign

Fake Crow provides a checklist to go through while you are redesigning for iOS 7.

Android News


How Twitter used Gradle for its Android app build

onathan Le, Tech Lead on Twitter for Android, gives a walk-through of how Twitter used Gradle for Android.


Android design guideline

These design principles are straight from the Android User Experience Team. User navigation and app consistency highlight the list.

Espresso - An Android UI testing platform

Google has released its UI testing tool for all Android developers to use.

Upcoming Google Play changes for Tablet apps.

Is your app ready for Android tablets? Make sure your app is marked as "Designed for Tablet" before November 21 Google Play changes.