Week 30 Newsletter

iOS News


Unit Testing Asynchronous Cocoa

Developers new to unit testing express concern about how to deal with asynchronous operations. In fact, testing asynchronous code is quite easy.

MKGeodesic Polyline

Learn to approximate distance in a curved map with a straight line.

How to create framework for iOS

This tutorial explains how to create a framework for use in your iOS projects.

Getting user’s location using CoreLocation

Tutorial to generate user’s location info like geographical coordinates, altitude and speed.


ASProgressPopUp View

A UIProgressView subclass that displays the percentage complete in an easy to customize popup view.

Design with Sketch

As little design as possible.

Friday App Design Review: Glassboard

Jared's weekly design review highlights why users might chose Glassboard for messaging.

Android News



Information about using search suggestions in your application.

Robust and readable architecture for an Android App

This blog provides possible way to structure an Android app with a good balance between flexibility, readability and robustness.

First dip into Android MVP

The Model View Pattern (MVP) allows separate the presentation layer from the logic, so that everything about how the interface works is separated from how we represent it on screen.


Android App Polishing: Preserving Context to Help Users

Learn how to design simple forms.

Android User Interface

It is easy to understand, that you should provide different picture files for a high-density tablet and a medium-density handheld device. The part that is hard to understand is the technical implementation.