Week 32 Newsletter

iOS News


The missing HTTP and REST API test for mac

This is an unbelievably good tool for testing HTTP and REST web services.

Create mesh transformations

The core idea of a mesh transform is very straightforward: you introduce a set of vertices in the layer then you move them around deforming the entire contents.

How the Venmo team’s week looks

There’s a sample weekly schedule in here that’s great.


How Facebook designed the new messenger

This is a long video but makes a great time pass on the weekend.


DynamicXray is a UIKit Dynamics runtime visualisation and introspection library for iOS.

8 Design guidelines

This is a good recap of things Apple has tried to teach us.

Android News


Custom Layouts

There are two main reasons to go custom: make your UI more efficient and when you are building UIs that are not naturally possible to implement with stock widgets.

Focus on the content not your brand

Cyril Mottier talks about how the choices he made to promote the content in his app, and not necessarily is logo and brand.

Interview with Chris Lacy on Android development

Great one-on-one interview with an Android developer.


From iOS to Android

An example of reworking an iOS app for Android.

Why and how Hootsuite created its Android app.

An inside look at this company's approach to building its app.

Quick Android design tips

This is great in case you're just getting started with design.