Week 33 Newsletter

iOS News


Bridging iOS WebViews

UIWebView is itself a client of “proper WebKit,” and thus implements many of the powerful delegate methods that you would implement as the Mac delegate of a WebView.

iOS 7 Game Controller Tutorial

iOS 7 introduced official support for hardware game controllers. It’s also great because now that it’s official, you can support a variety of game controllers just by implementing a single API.

Scroll Media Content with SAScrollTableViewCell

An easy-to-use UITableViewCell subclass that implements a scrolling effect cell with media content such as images, video sound etc.

Apple Embraces WebGL

WWDC is approaching fast and looks like there will be some awesome changes in iOS 8. One of them is WebGL being enabled by default in Safari.


15 Amazing iOS 7 UI Kit

Curated list of UI Kits pertaining to new iOS 7 designs.

Chris Mile’s DynamicXray UI Kit

iOS UIKit Dynamics runtime visualisation and introspection library.

Android News


Dynamically Add Flair to ActionBar MenuItems

Use LayerDrawable to add flair to your MenuItems without implementing custom Views

An Alternative Fragment Transition Animations Implementation

Sometimes the requirement of adding a subclass for every ViewGroup type you want to use in a fragment may not fit well with your code. A method of using custom Property elements to provide the same functionality to any View hierarchy is shown in this article.

Android Non-UI to UI Thread Communications

This tutorial series shows how to use broadcast and broadcast receiver to provide Non-UI to UI thread communication.


Shadow Effect With Custom Shapes

Creating shadow layer as background first and the content layers on top of that.

Android Design Tips

A one stop shop for all the Android design related tips